Unfortunately Dr. Hall is not accepting new patients at this time.

Kathryn Hall is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Princeton NJ. She specializes in the treatment of sexual and relationship problems.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Hall has used a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and sex/couples therapy to help men, women and couples achieve their goals of increased intimacy, satisfying sexuality and harmonious relationships.

Everyone who works with Dr. Hall receives respect, compassion and the highest quality of care. Her practice is open and welcoming to individuals of all sexual orientations and cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

“Thank you for visiting my website. Sexual problems and sexual dysfunctions are not uncommon. But they are usually difficult to discuss. You don’t have to be comfortable talking about your sexual concerns. It’s my job to help you do that. I have been talking to people about their sex lives for over 25 years. Be assured that your sexual issues will be discussed with sensitivity and confidentiality in the privacy of my Princeton office.

Please note that I am also available to work with individuals and couples on a variety of issues (mood disorders, intimacy problems, stress, communication, anger).”

— Dr. Kathryn Hall